8 Common Tennis Court Problems

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A tennis court maintenance provider like Dragon Courts deals with the most common tennis court problems. Some of them include:


1. Algae, Mould and Mildew

 Algae Mould Mildew


These could affect the traction of the players’ shoes to the tennis surface, potentially causing serious injury from unexpected slipping and sliding. Algae, moulds and mildews can be eliminated using the proper cleaning solution.


2. Birdbaths

 According to whalentennis, a birdbath is a puddle of water on any area of the tennis court. Usually, birdbaths are caused by poor or improper paving.


3. Bubbles 

Also known as “blisters”, they are soft humps in the tennis court surface caused by poor surface drainage. They are usually on concrete base surfaces.


4. Rust Spots

These are caused by pyrites. Pyrites are used to create asphalt. When pyrites get wet, they have a tendency to rust. The rust will later spread into the acrylic surfaces of the tennis court.


5. Depression

Depressions, according to Saviano, are low spots on the tennis court surface. These are usually caused by underground earth that has not been compacted.


6. Hairline Crack

Hairline cracks are very narrow cracks that have generally been on the tennis court surface for a long time. Some of the causes of hairline cracks include earth tremors, land erosions, etc.


7.  Colour Fading of the Court’s Surface 

Sun exposure and too much use without resurfacing are just some of the reasons why colour fading occurs. Dragon Courts offers tennis painting and marking services in case the colour of your tennis court is already fading.


8. Cracking

Cracking tends to happen on asphalt courts and concrete. As the surface ages and because tennis courts get a lot of foot traffic, they become brittle over time. Cracking happens to both indoor and outdoor tennis courts. (Source: Tennis Industry)


If your tennis courts are experiencing these problems, it’s time to call in an expert! Call Dragon Courts on 01572 770404 and put the fun back into your game!