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How do you know when your tennis court needs maintenance?

When did you last have your tennis court maintained or cleaned? If the answer is you can’t remember, then your court could be facing irreparable damage. Tennis courts should last up to eight years if properly maintained – before they require resurfacing.

Regular maintenance is a cost-effective solution that could save you money in the long term; as once the playing surface has deteriorated beyond repair, you may have to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on resurfacing costs and sooner than you had anticipated.

What are the signs that maintenance services may be required?
There are a number of outward signs that your tennis court requires maintenance work:

  • If you see evidence of mould or mildew, particularly in shaded areas or in corners where organic debris such as leaves accumulate, then your court needs attention.
  • If there’s standing water on your court after it rains, dirt will accumulate in the pools – leaving debris and staining the surface. If you just leave it to dry, this can create surface abrasion – making it feel like you’re playing on sandpaper. A court needs to be cleaned properly to clear away any residue that might cause damage.
  • The overall appearance of a court is a good indicator of whether it needs cleaning. If it looks dirty, it’s time for some maintenance work!
  • If players keep slipping and falling, this is more serious indicator that your court requires immediate attention. Poor maintenance can lead to less grip on the tennis court surface and this can have serious consequences – causing players to slip and potentially causing serious injury. At the very least, it will make playing on the court less enjoyable, so it’s best to keep on top of the general upkeep.
  • If the lines and markings on the court are fading or deteriorating, this can affect the game – no-one wants to play a match if it’s impossible to tell whether the ball is in or out!

What kind of maintenance services are available?
Tennis court maintenance can be split into three categories: cleaning, painting and lining/marking.

Dragon Courts will clean your courts thoroughly to eliminate dirt, debris, moss and algae. First, we will carry out a “patch test” to determine each court’s specific requirements. Then, delivering water at 32 litres per minute, the court will be swept using a specialist floor cleaner with two rotating heads.

The Thor pressure washer jet-washes away the dislodged debris, before the court is sprayed with a professional-grade moss treatment. It is advisable to clean the court before any painting can begin.

Normally, tennis courts are coated with a non-slip paint, creating a bright surface that delivers more bounce and control. Dragon Courts’ colour coating provides a protective covering with non-slip benefits.

With a choice of colours; the paint will improve surface grip, reduce glare and protect the playing surface from the effects of the weather, animal and bird droppings, dirt and heavy footfall. It also complies with SAPCA and Lawn Tennis Association safety requirements.

Effective tennis court lining and marking will enable players and officials to play and score the game more easily. Dragon Courts’ professional lining and marking service will ensure your tennis court markings are accurate, durable and slip-resistant – in line with LTA standards.

We will meticulously paint the tennis court markings by hand to ensure a precise result, adhering to the standard tennis court line width of 50mm.

Treat your tennis courts to our cleaning, painting, lining and marking services now. Get a no-obligation quotation by calling the tennis court maintenance experts on 01572 770404.

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