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The Role that Tennis Court Maintenance Plays in Tennis

Extensive damage to your tennis court will incur expensive fees for repairs. However, you won’t have to worry about these fees if you carry out proper tennis court maintenance to keep your court in top, playable condition. It’s not enough to employ the services of a certified tennis court builder to ensure

Sports Court Dimensions

  Sports courts, even within the same sport, aren’t all the same – professional or championship courts are usually larger compared to domestic or privately-owned courts. Listed below are the dimensions typically used in line marking, over a variety of sports in the UK; use these dimensions if you’re planning

How Your Tennis Court Can Be Damaged

Tennis courts are already expensive to construct and maintain but court owners also have to consider the fact that there’s always the danger of damage. While tennis court maintenance is generally enough most of the time, it won’t prevent serious damage from occurring. Repairs can be expensive, time-consuming and if the court

The Different Types of Tennis Courts

It’s fairly easy to assume that all tennis courts are the same. However, whether it’s a matter of building your own court or conducting proper tennis court maintenance, you should first determine the type of tennis court you have to employ the best method of cleaning and maintenance. The four types

Painting Your Tennis Court with Dragon Courts

One of the most important aspects of tennis court maintenance is maintaining a freshly painted playing area. Not that you should paint your tennis court every year but ensuring that your court is freshly painted on a regular basis ensures that it offers a safe and competitive playing area. With proper maintenance, tennis

Tennis Courts

The Difference Between Hot and Cold Pressure Washing

Pressure washing involves the use of water, which is propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces and materials. In fact, there are two distinct categories: hot or cold water pressure washing. Both hot and cold pressure washers have models with the same flow rate. However it has been brought to

2014 Text

Welcome 2014

Firstly a huge thank you to all our clients who made 2013 the best ever for us.Your orders and kind comments are appreciated. Many, many thanks.It’s been a pleasure to be able to catch up on the work left over from 2012, so with the decks cleared its time to

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Challenge To All Our Competitors

Just a light hearted challenge to any other tennis court painters and cleaners out there. I currently reckon that Gareth and Tane are unbeatable in terms of quality of work and speed. if any body fancies a ‘paint off’ please just drop me a line. Perhaps the winner wins a couple