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Painting Your Tennis Court with Dragon Courts

One of the most important aspects of tennis court maintenance is maintaining a freshly painted playing area. Not that you should paint your tennis court every year but ensuring that your court is freshly painted on a regular basis ensures that it offers a safe and competitive playing area.

With proper maintenance, tennis court painting can last up to four or five years. While others like to do the job themselves, tennis court painting is better effected by professionals.

So why choose Dragon Courts firsthand?

Work only with the pros – with more than ten years of experience in the business, we ensure that your tennis courts will be painted only by experts. While not painting your tennis courts can be detrimental to your play, not painting it correctly also has the same adverse effect. Our team of tennis court painting experts guarantee that there is no over or under application of paint, so you can play without slipping or having any accidents.

We balance both the aesthetics and care of your tennis courts – using only top of the line paint, we make sure that your tennis courts get a total makeover. Our fresh coat of paint will improve surface grip, reduce glare and even protect your court from heavy traffic and dirt. What’s more, we comply with the standards provided by the SAPCA Code of Practice and the LTA’s requirements, relative to slip resistance. We will not just deliver a bright and appealing look to your tennis court; we will also make sure that the surface delivers enough bounce and control for you to enjoy playing safely.

We value your time and money with a prompt and efficient service – we have earned our reputation through commendable workmanship and our expert painting service. Providing tennis court cleaning services to free your tennis court from dirt and debris, our team of professionals will assess the court before fulfilling the line painting task by hand.

For your added convenience, either drop in or contact us for with any questions you may have. Our friendly and efficient team of experts will be happy to help you.

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