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Sports Court Dimensions


Sports courts, even within the same sport, aren’t all the same – professional or championship courts are usually larger compared to domestic or privately-owned courts. Listed below are the dimensions typically used in line marking, over a variety of sports in the UK; use these dimensions if you’re planning to mark a new sports court or if you want to check if your existing court has been drawn to the right dimensions.

Tennis Courts

Space is especially important in tennis compared to other sports; this sport needs a large amount of space for just two players. The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) decides the official tennis court dimensions in the UK. In most circumstances, the standard domestic size is usually enough for private use but tennis court marking can be modified if space is an issue; however, this will have an effect on the gameplay.

  • Standard tennis court dimensions for domestic use – 33.5m x 16.5m
    • Playing dimensions for doubles – 23.77m x 10.97m (78’ x 36’)
    • Playing dimension for singles – 23.77m x 8.22m (78’ x 27’)
  • LTA minimum court dimensions for tennis clubs – 34.75m x 17.07m (114’ x 56’)
  • Championship LTA court dimensions for tennis clubs – 36.58m x 18.29m (120’ x 60’)


The global popularity of basketball and the influence of basketball associations have led to a variety of basketball court dimensions.

  • International size – 32.1m x 21.1m (105.3’ x 69.2’)
  • Premier – 32.1m x 20.1m (105.3’ x 65.9’)
  • Club – 32.1m x 20.1m (105.3’ x 65.9’)
  • Community – 32.1m x 19.1m (105.3’ x 62.6’)
  • England basketball – 28.1m x 16.1m minimum (92.1’x 52.8). Preferably 32.1m x 19.1 – 22.1m (105.3’ x 62.6’ – 72.5’).
  • Half Court – 13m x 14m (42.6’ x 45.9’)
  • NBA, NCAA, and WNBA – 28.65m x 15.24m (93.9’ x 50’)
  • FIBA – 28m x 15m (91.8’ x 49.2’)
  • US High School – 25.6m x 15.24m (83.9’ x 50’)
  • US Junior High School – 22.56m x 12.8m (74’ x 41.9’)

Netball Courts

It may carry some similarities to basketball but netball is a different game altogether. Player positioning here is much more important compared to basketball, which is why most, if not all netball courts have uniform dimensions of 30.5m x 15.25m (100’ x 50’).

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