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Tennis Court Cleaning Methods Employed by Dragon Courts

Wow… If your tennis court looks like the above, it might be time to call in the experts! Dragon Courts is a professional tennis court cleaner that has been in the business of maintaining various sports courts for 15 years. Our experience, matched with our enthusiasm (did you see what I did there?) has helped us to formulate a tennis court cleaning method that has attracted an extensive list of loyal clients. This is how we do it:

1. Patch Testing

We first need to determine the extent of the cleaning process required for each specific tennis court. To conduct a “patch test”, we must first adjust the pressure washer in accordance with the requirements of the surface.

2. Pre-Cleaning

The pre-cleaning method involves the removal of any/all unnecessary debris that is cluttering up the court including stones, leaves, branches, net and other things that may cause an obstruction during the cleaning process. We will then proceed to sweep the area.

3. Pre-Treating

The pre-treating process involves a special floor cleaner that is loaded with a specialised solution. The cleaner has two rotating heads that power the solution deep into the court’s pores, softening and loosening all the algae, moss and dirt. We leave the solution on the court for a few minutes to maximise its effect.

4. Jet-washing

Now comes the fun part… To remove the residual debris that is deeply embedded into the court, we use a high-powered jet washer, with an adjustable nozzle that allows us to alter the water pressure. The jet washer is able to remove all the dirt, algae and moss quickly because of the pre-treating process.

5. Coating

The coating process involves the application of a professional grade moss treatment to the whole playing area. This coating eradicates the remaining moss and prevents further growth.

If you are looking for a tennis court maintenance service providerin the United Kingdom, please call the lovely people at Dragon Courts on 01572 770404. We are also proficient in cleaning, painting and lining services for netball courts, basketball courts and playgrounds. What are you waiting for? Give us a call… You know you want to!

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