Playgrounds are one of the few places that a child can run, jump, shout and play without limits. Consequently, playgrounds should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly in order to avoid unnecessary mishaps. Dragon Courts have cleaned many playgrounds throughout the UK, resulting in many enjoyable moments for the kids.

Since children love running, crawling and sometimes rolling around the playground it is vital that they are in a safe environment for children to play. A regular and thorough cleaning process is prescribed to keep playgrounds at their peak, which will cut the kids loose to get the most out of their play time.

Here are the advantages of our playground cleaning service:

  • Food and drink will spill and stain, leaving playground surfaces slippery and potentially hazardous. We completely remove stains through our cleaning service.
  • Playgrounds not only attract kids. Birds and some small animals frequent the playground, which subsequently leads to droppings everywhere. Professional cleaning equipment is the only effective cleaning solution that can deal with this situation.