Does your tennis court need a little tender loving care? Maybe you’re looking for new lines on your tennis court? Dragon Courts has been in the business for over 15 years cleaning, lining, painting and is the go to company for your sports court needs.

Open from Mondays to Fridays, from 9am to 5pm, we are always happy to advise you outside of normal office hours.

About Dragon Courts


Our extensive experience in the industry has earned us an enviable reputation, with many satisfied customers to our credit. Constantly updating our knowledge and experience on the most recent tennis court maintenance procedures, we’ve got our eye well and truly on the ball (our guys get sent to Australia to learn new techniques).

Known for being one of the most reliable and efficient tennis court maintenance companies in the UK, you can rely on Dragon Court’s expertise and unrivaled dedication to quality and service. We embark on our work with a confident work ethic.

Only the very best equipment and paint

We believe that ‘the right tool is needed for the right job’. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we embark on our work with a confident work ethic. Our Thor Pressure Washer is a mixture of power and control, while our paints are the finest quality paints that money can buy and have been specifically designed with the busy, well used court in mind.

Normally we apply paint to the standard required by the Lawn Tennis Association, but frequently apply the higher grip required by the All England Netball Association. Our proven paint helps us keep delivering optimum results, we take great pride in our work and we delight in customer satisfaction.

Excellent service

Dragon Courts stands for outstanding service. Aside from our regular tennis court painting, lining and maintenance service, we believe its vital to keep our customers informed at all times. Hitting customers deadlines and being flexible to work around our customers obligations is also something we pride ourselves in.

This website serves as a great source of information relating to our services, outlining the principle points for your consideration. Easy to navigate and enjoyable to look at, we hope it will guide you through the basic need-to-know guidelines.

Our Court Designer has been included to help extend your vision. We hope this simple, yet effective interface helps you to visualise the end result.

Customer service is priority. If you have any questions or enquiries relating to our services, please contact us via our contact page, by phone or by email. Alternatively, you can put your questions to us by using the contact form.


  • Mr. P Chatswood Stockport Grammar School (completed cleaning and painting works 2013)
  • Mr. D Jackson Bushloe High School (completed cleaning and painting works 2013)
  • Mrs. C Charlton Oxford High School (completed cleaning and painting works 2013)
  • Mr. D Parkinson Repton School (on contract to complete cleaning and painting works on rotation)
  • Mrs. Ginette Thomas Holy Trinity Girls School (completed cleaning and painting works for the past 8 years)

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