Basketball Court Cleaning

Basketball games are quick paced and action packed. The cleanliness of the court is paramount to ensure the safety of the players, while enhancing gameplay at the same time. To experience a safer and more enjoyable game, entrust the task of cleaning your basketball court to Dragon Courts.

It is imperative that basketball courts are clean and free from debris at all times. Contact sports like basketball demonstrate rapid movements and tactical maneuvers. Appropriate markings are vital to enforce the logistics of the game. It is important to stick to a professional basketball court cleaning schedule in order to minimise the risks involved in the testosterone induced, strategy dependent gameplay.

Use our basketball court cleaning service to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A safer court, with less danger of slipping while running or jumping.
  • A court returned to its former glory.
  • Enhanced performance from team members.
  • Improved effectiveness and durability of paints used for coating and lining the court.

Remember, a safe court is a happy court! You can contact us on 01572 770404 or by emailing us on to get a quotation.