Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis court cleaning is an important element of tennis court maintenance.  For a safe and playable court, our team will eliminate dirt and debris including moss and algae.

With an effective and efficient approach, our thorough cleaning methods remain sensitive to the needs of the tennis court.  A ‘patch test’ will be completed to ascertain the specific requirements of every court, before we utilise the German-engineered Thor pressure washer for precise and powerful cleaning results.


Our tennis court cleaning process

  1. The patch test will be completed in one corner of the court to determine a suitable pressure for each surface.
  2. The entire tennis court will be swept using a specialist floor cleaner, which sits 48mm above the court’s surface.
  3. The cleaner uses two rotating heads that deliver water to the surface at 32 litres a minute. This ensures that any dirt, algae or moss is completely dislodged and that all the pores of the court are thoroughly cleansed – the process also gets to any hard to reach spores.
  4. Dislodged debris is then jet-washed away using a rotating nozzle or a fan nozzle. The cleaning team will use a suitable nozzle – established in the test patch.
  5. The court will then be sprayed with a professional grade moss treatment, Di Algae (data sheet available on request).

We always advise that your court is cleaned before painting can begin. Our cleaning process often rejuvenates the court, which means painting is not always required.



Advantages of Regular Tennis Court Cleaning

For safety

  • Affording a much safer playing area, a clean tennis court is free from dirt, grime and rubbish that could potentially cause slip/trip hazards or accidents.

For clear surroundings

  • A clean tennis court offers a more engaging area for players and is also more aesthetically pleasing.

For the owner

  • By periodically maintaining your court, this will help to avoid bigger issues in the long run. A well-maintained tennis court will increase the value of this excellent leisure facility.

Remember, a safe court is a happy court! You can contact us on 01572 770404 or by emailing us to get a quotation.