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As netball is the second biggest participation sport in the UK, it’s vital that the courts are properly cleaned. With fourteen sets of legs covering the whole court every inch is a potential slip hazard. Combine that with the stop start nature of the game, it really is a matter of “safety at play is everyone’s priority!”.

All outdoor courts have the potential to become unsafe, with netball being no exception. Since netball places more importance in player positioning, it is crucial that a regular cleaning programme be considered, even if it’s just yearly. This will help to ensure that the court remains fully functional, further endorsing the quality and enjoyment of the game.

Our netball court cleaning service delivers:

  • The removal of dirt and debris that has accumulated in the court’s pores
  • A full cleaning programme that will help to maintain the appearance of the court.
  • A thorough cleaning prior to painting and lining, as recommended
  • A slip-free environment to further enhance the enjoyment of the game

Remember, a safe court is a happy court! You can contact us on 01572 770404 or email us on info@allabouttennis.co.uk to get a quotation.