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Based in the UK, Dragon Courts specialises in the cleaning, lining and painting of tarmacadam tennis courts. This can make playing and scoring the game easier for players and officials alike.

Standard tennis courts are normally white lined with a width of 50 mm. A “run off” allowance should also be considered to ensure ample space surrounding the court.

Tennis Court

Dragon Courts ensures that tennis court markings and linings are:

Applied using quality materials

  • Using top of the range paints with slip-resistant and anti-glare features, our tennis court markings and lines are durable and can withstand the challenges of even the most action-packed games

Clear and accurate

  • Accuracy is our middle name! Our team of experts will meticulously paint the tennis court markings by hand
  • (Please be aware that due to the nature of open textured tarmacadam courts, lines will sometimes bleed. This will not affect the performance of the court or the durability of the lines)

In line with all LTA tennis court standards

  • For safety purposes, we incorporate the Lawn Tennis Association standards in every service we provide. Our lines meet the non-slip criteria of both the LTA and England Netball Association

Our Process

After 10 years trying various techniques, we have arrived at what we believe to be the very best way of lining tennis/netball/sports courts.

For a hardwearing, resilient, and highly visible line throughout the court, our line paint is manufactured with extra texture for surer grip. After marking out the court with tape to create the sharpest of lines, paint is applied with a roller.

Due to the nature of an open textured tarmacadam court (particularly on older courts), and the fact that the surface is neither smooth or quite often flat, there is a chance that the paint can ‘bleed’ from one missing granule of tarmac into another – although we firmly believe the pros to our methods by far outweigh the cons.

To give you some idea of the end result, the images below are taken from various heights (up to 4 ft), using an apple 6s iPhone.

Benefits of Regular Tennis Court Marking

  • Regular tennis court marking prevents accidents
  • For tennis club and commercial tennis courts, regular marking attracts new customers or players
Painted Tennis Court

For further details or to get a quotation, please call Dragon Courts on 01572 770404 or email info@allabouttennis.co.uk.